USB3 spinning disk on ROCK - storagefolder

Hi all,

This weekend I had a succesful transplantation of my Roon Core from a underpowered QNAP NAS to an newly bought NUC7i5. Very happy with it, just one question:

I hooked up a USB3 spinning disk for my musicfiles (also moved from my NAS) and sure enough ROCK made a folder inside the Storage folder on the NUC. I made a networkmapping on my Win10 laptop for copying new musicfiles. The name ROCK gave to my musicfolder (inside Storage folder) is extremely long ( that is: MYMUSIC_WD_My_Passport_25E1_575846314135373046504530_7CD82238D821F0D6-p1). This is not a huge problem but it is somewhat annoying (does the pathname/filename still have a max number of charahcters?).

Can I disable the storagelocation in my Setting on my Roon remote, edit the foldername, then edit the storagepath on the remote and then enable it again? Or will ROCK go berserk? @support


Are you running into a limit?

Most certainly not, in fact I am happy :wink: The long foldername is just a little annoying (windows explorer auto align columns, long right click ‘copy-to’ menu). So I thought I ask if this can be changed, if not that’s ok to. I will survive :grinning:

I suspect the foldername is a linux mounting thing and thus cannot be changed by the user as ROCK is a ‘closed’ system.

thx! Love the new 1click play btw.