USBridge 5TB drive issue


I am running the usb bridge signature with latest moode version 6.x.x

While my 2TB hdd works fine, I cannot get the 5TB working … is there a limit on the size of allowed hdds by the usb bridge or moode ? It does regen MFD sporadically but hangs while it often does not even get detected.

Having thought perhaps power required is higher for the 5TB hdd than the 3 individual/independent usb ports, I power the hdd via a twin head ifi gemini cable with separated power and data cable together with an old ifi usbpower as I hope to isolate power to the hdd from the usb bridge.

The 5TB hdd lights up but does not get detected by the usb bridge … does the power line need to be connected by those usual twin head type A cables that parallel the added power supply and the usb bridge but I will then not achieve having separate power and signal cables nor use isolated and better ifi usbpower ? Perhaps missed common ground or something else in those.twin head cable for added power ?

Sorry if my described request for help is confusing and will be most glad to clarify on any query for my use case.

Meanwhile, I have the 2TB hdd running fine with both usb type A connectors of the ifi gemini dual head cable plug into the usb bridge per photo which may help to explain a little but not preferred … without 5TB and not using ifi usbpower to help isolated the hdd and the usb bridge signature.



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You might want to ask a moderator to move your post to the Allo products area, you aren’t likely to get support for an Allo product in the RaspberryPi section.

Paging @andybob

Hey Mark,

Noted and thanks.

Just strange that there are no info on the max size HDD that can be connected to allo products like the usb bridge via its usb ports.



This does not sound like a Roon question. Perhaps check in the moOde forum?

Otherwise, I’d suggest you re-flash your USBridge with DietPi, install Roon Bridge, and enjoy all of the superior features of Roon. You’ll enjoy it so much more.

Hi David,

Noted and tks.