USBridge Signature does not come back after upgrade

Hello @spockfish,
Second time this has happened. I’m running Ropieee (not XL). I initiate an update manually from the web interface. The Allo USBridge Signature does not come back after the final reboot. Not pingable, no web interface, it just disappears. Have to drop in a fresh SD card and re-configure. Besides this issue everything else is working excellent and no issue until I try to upgrade.

This time when it failed I kept the failed SD card. Let me know if I can provide any logs from the card or if you’d like me to do any additional troubleshooting. Thank you.

At the risk of being annoying, did you try the ‘switch it off and on again’ approach?
I have had issues with all of my Pi based devices at some point during a RopieeeXL update. However, simply unplugging them and switching on again (perhaps doing this twice sometimes) has always fixed the issue. I have never had to resort to reflashing an SD card.
Apologies in advance if you had tried this!

Do you work in IT? Do you know Moss? :stuck_out_tongue:
No, very valid question indeed. I don’t recall if I did this first time it happened. This time I purposely did not power cycle as I wanted to preserve the SD card for investigation.

I could test this by throwing the original SD card back into the Bridge Sig… let’s see if there is any investigation to be done and then I’ll try this.

Good luck!