[USBridge] Unable to connect to DietPi after update

(Costas) #1

Cross-posted to DietPi forum. I’ve got an @allo.com USBridge. I installed the latest clean image v6.18.14. Using PuTTY, I ran dietpi-update which appeared to work without incident. After the reboot though, it showed as still running v6.18.14. After a subsequent reboot, I can no longer login via SSH. DietPi-RAMlog: Unknown argument: -1 Aborting…


I’m beginning to think it’s a hardware issue with the Sparky board. I get the same result with different SD Cards and now the ethernet port doesn’t light up when I plug in a network cable.

Any ideas?

(Costas) #2

I removed the eMMC and reflashed it with DietPi_SparkySBC-ARMv7-Stretch and now it works.

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