Use _some_ of the metadata?

I have a library full of traditional irish music.
There are often several tunes per track.
Often, the “official” metadata does not include this information.
I’ve taken the time to include this track info. (I even submit it back to grace note or whoever.)

So, in iTunes, I’d import the album, it would be identified, and I’d edit/expand the metadata after import.
With Roon, the import process is much faster/easier as these albums should already be identified .
Unfortunately, Roon doesn’t seem to be making all the associations.
Also, when I manually identify the album, all my edited data “goes away”
Technically I see the file names haven’t changed, and iTunes embeds the track name in the file name, but the visible track name in Roon changes to the “official” metadata name, and overwrites mine.
Also, “identifying” an album in Roon with overwrite album cover art. Occasionally with nothing.

I think I would like to see a way to “merge” existing data with “album identification”
This way, Roon knows what I’m actually listening to, and can provide rich metadata, while, if I’ve added data, I don’t lose any of it.
For example, the ability to use the image, album and artist info, but leave other metadata alone.

I admit to being a bit short of the exact details of the best way to accomplish this in the UI, but I imagine I’m not the only one who’s thought this a valuable addition.