"Use Basic File Information" for a specific Storage Location

Is there any way to always “Use Basic File Information” for a specific Storage Location?

I have a ton of German “Hörspiele” (Radio plays) in my Library and Roon is not identifying them correctly. Not just that it doesn’t recognize them but in like 80% of cases it matches them to some completely unrelated Artist/Album.

Currently I’m editing every single one of them by hand fixing the metadata. But as Hörspiele often have hundreds of Episodes per Artist we’re talking about thousands of Albums.

Also I can’t even batch edit them because for some reason there’s a difference between editing an Album, modifying Metadata preferences and setting all to “Prefer File” vs. selecting an individual Album, clicking Identify Album, selecting “None of these look right” twice, and choosing “Use Basic File Information”. The later is what I want, the former still associates the Album with the wrong Artist even though the Artist in the metadata is correct.

The files are flac with perfect Metadata. The are all on a dedicated storage location.

All my music is in /data/Music and all my Hörspiele in /data/Hoerspiele.

Is there any way to tell Roon that when importing I always want to use basic file information when the files are located in /data/Hoerspiele but use Roon metadata when they come from /data/Music?

Alternatively is there any way to select multiple albums and “Use Basic File Information”? Like I mentioned, this is not the same as selecting “Prefer File” in Metadata preferences, which is something I can do for multiple Albums.

I moved this to support metadata only because more people tend to look there.

Basically, you are trying to set albums to the “unidentified” status. I have not found a way to do that to more than 1 album at a time.

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