Use Case: Need to get an old pair of bookshelf speakers on the network


I’m looking to use an old pair of Cabasse bookshelf speakers that still sound great. They would be located in a fairly small room, so need an amp with no more than 40 watts of power but that also has network discovery capability, so built in ethernet and that can ideally also support AirPlay so I can play Apple Music. Lowest cost solution would probably be to get an amp and use something like Chromebook Audio but those are already expensive in the after market. I also want the unit to be on the smallish side. Thoughts?

If anyone has a suggestion for good piece of hardware that is fairly small footprint and won’t break the bank <$1,000USD, bring it on!


Posted a couple of suggestions here the other day.

Plus 1 for Bluesound Powernode. Much better than Sonos.