Use different Roon Server

Dear all,

I just started a trial period of Roon and I must say that i start to enjoy it even if I still expect some improvements like Qobuz integration.

I installed Roon Server on a QNAP Nas using a FEDORA23 Virtual Machine. It runs very well according to me, perhaps also because the NAS is a TS-251+ with 8Go RAM.

I have a brand new Synology DS716+II and I installed Roon Server through the SPK available on the forum and I backup all my music files from the QNAP to Synology.

My question is to understand if during the trail period, and perhaps after I could use 2 different servers on 2 different NAS or the licence should request to use only one at same time ?

Thanks for your support

Hi Patatorz,

You are allowed to install the Roon Core multiple times however the licence only allowed for one concurrent use.
When you activate new Roon Core installation it will prompt and move the licence to that new device … thus disabling the previous installation.