Use ext. USB drive as Backup

I tried to copy my library from the internal SSD to a external USB HD, which is formatted with exFAT.

Unfortunately i get this error message:

Could anyone help?


Hi Oliver @dvb-projekt

Does the same error happen if you use “Copy” and “Paste” via the Finder ‘Edit’ menu?

Instead of trying to drag and drop.

Hey Sean @dabassgoesboomboom

that‘s it! :smiley: It runs like charm.

Thanks a lot!


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Too happy… got error messages during the copy. :roll_eyes:

Same error messages like your opening post screenshot?

Or new/different errors?

Keep your fingers crossed.

I formated the USB Drive new with exFAT and MBR insead of GUID and restarted rock.

Till now 50% of the copy runs fine…

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Our thoughts and prayers are with you :pray:

Let us know! :grin:

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Copy accomplished…:grinning:

Cheers. :raising_hand_man:t3:

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