Use focus in Qobuz

I wanted to know what Blue Note releases are available on Qobuz. How can I use focus to do this?

It seems like focus only works with my own library (I don’t have a Roon library). Or should I take a different approach?

The search function does not find Label names.


Go to Qobuz app. Search for Blue Note artist f.e. Casandra Wilson. See picture.

Thanks. That works, but I was actually looking for a way to do this in Roon. I prefer using Roon for accessing Qobuz and was wondering why focus only seems to use my local collection on my NAS.

Doesn’t work in Roon. Don’t know if it’s on the to do list.

Focus only works for items in your library - but these items include both local tracks/albums and tracks/albums that you have added to your library from Qobuz…

So if you have added stuff from Qobuz to your library, then Focus should be working for those items as well. Are you seeing something different?

Thanks, Geoff but I’ve never had any use for a Roon library. I have my physical collection of vinyl, cds and tapes, plus a lot of music on my Nas. I use Qobuz as an extension and to discover new stuff. What is the point of saving a virtual list of stuff on Qobuz? It’s not going anywhere, is it?
Besides, even if I had one, would that solve my problem? Say I add one album by a Blue Note artist, would I then be able to focus on Label and see all BN releases available on Qobuz? I will test this!

No, as I say, Focus only works on your library - it doesn’t focus on streaming services content. You will have to use the Qobuz app to hunt out your Labels, but personally, I find then adding my finds to my library is very useful for future reference. Roon integrates Qobuz material together with my local material, and Focus works seamlessly across the whole library for slicing and dicing to find what I want to listen to next.

As others have said, not possible yet. This is the feature request, add your vote:

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