Use focus on Entire library

I really would like to focus on my entire library, that means Roon and Qobuz (playlists, songs, albums, etc). Now i can only focus on eather songs or Albums. I realy want to include the playlist of Qobuz too. This is not possible now. I want to make a focus on my entite library and not only songs or Albums. In this way i can for example make a tag wit my entire Hip Hop numbers. (Playlist Qobuz, songs, Albums. Can anybody help me?

I second this request. Focus is very useful but would be so much more useful if able to access everything and any attribute.

Bookmark the Focus for each type (Album, Track, Playlist etc) and create a Tag for each, then create a new overarching Tag containing the other Tags. When you add new material, either Tag it manually with a lower level Tag or periodically update the lower level Tags using the Bookmarks. Use the upper level Tag to view all the underlying stuff in one place.

Edit: Iā€™m not disagreeing with the Feature Request or saying that the above workaround is the best possible solution, just responding to the help request.

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Sure seems a lot less trouble and much easier to use adhoc if Focus was expanded to include most/all of the data that resides in the db.

But thank you for the suggestion to loop in tags and bookmarks, oh my.

Bump for expanding Focus to include more including streaming services albums that are NOT already in the library.