Use L&P W2 with Rpi with Roon?

Hello! Im using my laptop as Rooncore and my LG V40 as source with IEMs. Since V40 is Android, i cant get lossless quality or get hi res quality cause of the Android Mixer (limited to 16 bit and up/downscales to 48khz).

I have now found a little DAC AMP that measures excellent for IEMs, L & P W2.

Is it possible to use this with an Raspberry Pi and use it as an endpoint? What connection type do the dac amp have to be able to connect it to an Rpi? Just plug my IEMs i to W2 and plug W2 i to an Rpi with Ropiee via usb f. ex?

Which Rpi is recommended for this 3 or 4?

Here is the specs and measurements of the W2.

Hi, there.

Just stumbled upon your post and decided to plug mine into a spare Raspberry Pi.

Don’t know if you ever got the answer to you question, but yes, it works like any other DAC connected to your Raspberry Pi (I’m using P4b) in this case via USB-A to USB-C cable going to the L&P W2.

The cable\s and USB-A to type C adapter are included with the W2 in box. You will obviously need to enable it under “Settings > Audio” and configure under “Device Settings” as the L&P W2 is not a “Roon Ready” device.