Use native input field behaviour on macOS

It’s really annoying, that Roon behaves differently in input fields than any other (native) App on macOS. Take the filter field with already entered text for example.

2018-02-07 23_18_14

  • When I click into the field the whole text is selected. In Finder, Mail, iTunes etc. a single click will place the cursor at the clicked position
  • Activating text input makes the font smaller in many places in Roon, so I don’t always get what I click.
  • Double clicking will deactivate the input field instead of selecting the word that I’ve clicked onto
  • Triple clicking just behaves like a single click and looks correct as it selects the whole text like usual in macOS

This example shows how a Mac App should handle clicks into input fields:

2018-02-07 23_31_27

I hope you can fix this or make it configurable as it’s really a showstopper for me and maybe many other Mac users.

There are also other strange things in Roon, but this one is most annoying.

Here a list what could also be fixed:

  • Right clicking items will select them instead of opening the contextual menu. For this I have to move the mouse to the corresponding button. Selecting should be done by Cmd/Shift+Click or by dragging a frame around items.
  • In the title list view right clicking should open the menu to enable/desable columns
  • As Roon doesn’t support vertical scrolling for albums, scrolling up/down should also scroll the view.
  • Modal windows like the preferences and its nested windows should all have a close button (accessibility)
  • Stopping playback should also be available via Cmd+. (the standard cancel hotkey)

Disclaimer: I know the interface is polished for touch screens and that’s great, but for plain Mac users you should implement a non-touch interface. Just let the user choose (via the option to hide the mouse cursor?).


Roon is not a native MacOS App.

I wrote native, because there are other non-native Apps for macOS. I could also have written “than most Apps on macOS”.

I know, that Roon is not native. But I think it should behave as native as possible. Even many websites/webservices behave more native than Roon.