Use of Devialet AIR with ROCK

Not too sure whether this is the right place to pose this question, or on the Devialet Thread, but as it relates more to the use of Devialet AIR with ROCK, I think that posting here is OK!

I have just converted my Trial ROON to a fully paid up Life Time member, so am now getting to grips with ROON and the content of this very helpful ROON Community. Very interested in this ROCK project - looks fantastic - the opportunity to have ROON Core running on a dedicated Computer seems a fantastic idea.

Now to my query, and potential problem (maybe?). I am currently running ROON core on my main PC and streaming music to my Devialet D1000 using AIR, which is also resident on my main PC. My music is stored on an external HDD connected to my main PC via USB 3.0. I am currently streaming over a hard wired Ethernet Network and everything is working fine, and sounding great. Now if I was to invest in the ROCK project, and purchase a NUC + associated memory (thanks for the very helpful KB article on ROCK - terrific background, and aide, to a computer novice like me!), would I still be able to use it in association with AIR which, I understand, needs to be run on either a Windows based system, or Apple, so would still need to reside on my PC?

Would there be a potential issue in using a ROCK device with Devialet AIR? Obviously, if Devialet make their new Streamer Board ROON compliant, which we all hope and pray for (well at least all those who have invested in ROON do) then there should not be a problem, as the Devialet would be an end point in its own right and could be streamed to directly without the use of AIR.

You’re not going to be able to use AIR with ROCK. As you say it’s win/Mac only so even if ROCK ends up with the ability to run other programs, there wouldn’t be a Linux version available.

I waited two years for AIR to actually work for me, so I’m not a fan despite finally using it now. I’d love to get rid of it, our only hope is roonready in the new streamerboard, but I won’t hold my breath…

Many thanks for this response, you have confirmed what I had feared. So to continue using the benefits of ROON it is AIR, or wait to see if Devialet incorporate ROON in the new Streamer Board. Failing that, it means investing in a Streamer that is ROON compliant - maybe a DCS Network Bridge, which I have tried, and was very impressed with.

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Yeah, there are plenty of RoonReady streamer options with good SQ - either all in one likecthe dCS (expensive) or down to a raspberry pi depending on your view/beliefs about the quality differences. The dCS advantage us the AES output, which many argue is the best inti a D (never tried it personally).

I sold my RoonReady device because I didn’t want all the clutter and constant thought that it could be ‘better’. I only bought it all because AIR was unreliable. But despite my 2 year dream of using AIR finally becoming reality, I’m finding a few niggles.

I will hold out hope that this is the one instance where Devialet drop the arrogance and surprise us with a feature so many if us want. Failing that I might re-enter the RoonReady device game depending on what’s around at the time.
If AIR works well for you for now I’d ignore ROCK and just enjoy it. Next time Devialet break AIR, maybe look at other solutions with ROCK then. :slight_smile:

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I must admit that I am quite pleased with the performance of AIR in my set up, which is fairly simple, and uncomplicated - so far no problems or hiccups (fingers well and truly crossed here). My main concern is that I am tied into using my main household PC for ROON core and whilst there have been no issues as yet - even with heavy use by the family - the thought of a dedicated machine, specifically configured to handle ROON Core, is tempting. ROCK just sounds ideal. Just hope and pray Devialet surprise us all!

So buy a NUC with Windows and install Roon core on it together with Air…or if you want an Apple environment a i5 Mac Mini. The core isn’t going to impact sound quality so don’t get hung up on that.

You already have a network cable to your Devialet so you could plug in that cable to the NUC insted and go for the USB Input on your Devialet.
My server is in my listening room as well and my D220 is directly connected via usb to it. But i use Win10 as Platform cause i also run a PLEX Client on that as HTPC.
Works fine. Great audio quality. But i never tried something else except of toslink.

@Cuco, you might be pleasantly surprised if you try someting else! After upgrading from a D120 to D220 pro in my sytem I found that now the ethernet input on the D, even passing up and down through wifi to a laptop running air on Windows, sounds significantly better than the direct connection through USB. The direct connection is from a linux pc so that cannot go into the D via ethernet. It sounds better on some recordings, not all, but can sound more detailed and open. Perhaps the resolution is better.

@Tony_Reimann, @cuco, & also @rdok. Many thanks for responses.

@Tony-Reimann. I had, in fact considered a NUC running Widows as an alternative option, but I had some concerns there.
My main concerns are not about Sound Quality per se - but that is, of course, an important factor - but about:
a) taking control of my music away from the main family PC, and putting it on a separate, dedicated, computer, and
b) trying to take control out of the Windows environment - there have been a number of reported cases where Windows updates have caused issues with ROON - and ROCK seemed an ideal solution.

@cuco. Your solution sounds a feasible option, because a NUC running ROCK is a possibility here, but the post from @rdok may have muddied that idea, and AIR may still be my best option, but that means staying in the Windows environment. AIR is working for me, but it has had its issues in the past and I always wonder about its future stability.

I am currently running and old slow NUC with Windows, Roon and AIR, it works ok and will do quite a lot of the DSP.

It used to be unstable with updates (particularly AIR) but now seems to have settled down ok with the latest version 3.X.X.

On the basis that the the less the PC has to do the better I am going to get a new NUC to run ROCK and put roon bridge on the old one, so it will just run Windows (which will be as stripped down as possible), Roon bridge and AIR. I’m hoping that setup should be pretty maintenance free :slight_smile:

Theoretically, that should be the ultimate setup for AIR with Roon, I’ll report if there is any sound improvement. Of course, if Devialet make the new streamer board Roon ready then I can just remove the windows PC.

If you are worried about windows (I run roon on a windows NUC and to date it has been fine) install the linux distro of your choice on the NUC instead of windows and direct connect the Devialet. After all Rock will be based on linux. But aren’t you running on a Windows based system now?

@Dev123 and @Tony_Reimann. Again thanks for input - some options to think about:slight_smile:.

@Dev123 If, of course, the new Devialet OS Board is ROON ready (though I am not holding my breath on that one) then the problem goes away - I go down the ROCK road (sorry) and stream straight to my Devialet. If not I will need to consider further options.
@Tony_Reimann. Yes I do currently run on a Windows based system, but as indicated in my earlier post, I would like to move towards a more dedicated system, away from potential problems with Windows updates, which are not in the control of the ROON Team. I would also like to move my music control away from the family PC to avoid any “usage” conflicts :relieved: Obviously, if I want to stick with AIR, then Windows will be a must so maybe a stripped down Windows, on a NUC, running both AIR and ROON Core will be the answer. The other option, as suggested, is to run a ROCK NUC direct, USB, to the Devialet.

I was running and i7 NUC with Windows10, fidelizer pro, Roon and AIR, it works ok and will do quite a lot of the DSP.
With fidelizer this configuration was absolutely stable, no BSOD, no white noise, no crackling, nothing. But if I want to see a video the delay in sound was impossible.
Now I have another option: I kept the i7 NUC with roon core, I removed AIR and installed USB connection, I installed a large SSD to use as music server. I installed another mini PC (MINIX NGC-1 celeron3150 4Gb ram and ssd128) with windows 10, fidelizer pro, roon bridge and AIR.
Ethernet connections, no WIFI, and two options: ROON with AIR and video sound from server with USB.
Roon in this configuration (core isolated from streamer) is absolutely fantastic.

Many thanks @rutra61. So many potential options, but I think that I will wait and see what Devialet offer with their OS Board before making final decision. I have a feeling that the Board will concentrate more on integrating Spark into the Expert range, which potentially means Qobuz, Deezer and Tidal, but NOT ROON! I hope that I am wrong, but I fear not. It would help, of course, if Devialet communicated!