Use of downloaded Qobuz music in offline mode


I appreciate Roon.

I would like to use my downloaded Qobuz (or Tidal) music in offline mode. Could I with Roon, how does it work?

I have frequent losts of internet connections.


This is not possible because the streaming providers don’t allow it. And they don’t allow it because their own license to the content only cover downloads in the apps of the streaming providers, and not in the apps of third parties like Roon.

Therefore, there is nothing that can be done until the labels allow this, so probably never.

OK thanks a lot for your answer. It is crystal clear. What are the benefits of Roon in that case? Sound quality & music library integration in comparison of using Qobuz directly…

JP. Landrieux

I think that’s too much to answer in one post. There are so many features and everyone likes different ones.

Integration of local files with streaming content. Rich metadata like detailed album credits. Ability to define your own filters and bookmarks to let you focus on what you are interested in. Ability to edit metadata, even for streaming content. Multiroom audio. Digital signal processing to adapt the sound to your room. And so on.

This is a good place to start to get an overview:

One of the features I like most is Focus:

At one point, I downloaded a bunch of Qobuz albums to my laptop, but soon decided that was too much of a pain. It’s a lot easier to pay for more Verizon cellular data and hotspot data and stream to Roon and Apple Music.

Well, depends. Much of my music is not available on streaming and I have ripped all my CDs and have them on the Roon Core. When I use Roon, I don’t have to care if an album comes from Qobuz, Tidal, or local storage. One of the cool things about Roon is that it can work well for so many different scenarios

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I almost always use Roon at home and use it away from home until I run out of hotspot data (135 GB). Then I switch to Apple Music using unlimited Verizon Premium data on my iPhone.

so, it could be a relevant solution.


Of course, if you want to use the Tidal and/or Qobuz apps for playback. But, you can’t use Roon or any other 3rd party app for that.

However, I would like to use At home only a high-resolution music source like Qobuz or/ Tidal (no local music collection) plus Roon if it is necessary in order to enjoy fully my Cambridge audio CXN V2.
That’s all.

You can stream Tidal and/or Qobuz using Roon. That’s what I do. I have no local music files of my own. You can also use Roon to play local music files that you have purchased or ripped from LP’s or CD’s. But, you can’t use Roon to play Tidal and/or Qobuz files you downloaded but did not purchase.

merci beaucoup

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