Use PC Monitor with Roon

What size PC Monitor is required to properly see the Roon UI without font-size and scaling issues at a distance of 10ft. - 12ft? I hope a 30" monitor will work.

I use Roon on a HTPC connected to my 55 inch TV. At a distance of 8 to 9 feet. I run it with a wireless Logitech AirMouse and a Logitech wireless Keyboard. Works great for me.

But, your eyes might be better than mine. The Roon UI can be run like I am using it, but, most people, I think, control Roon with a tablet or a phone.

Hi Mike:

I really appreciate your quick response!

I love to control my music player with a wireless mouse: just point, scroll and click with one hand!

I don’t want to use a large TV. I want to use a computer monitor and I believe a 30" may work but I am not certain. I I am hoping that someone knows what size actually works properly with Roon!

I’d also like to know why the vast majority of Roon users prefer a small tablet that requires two hands to operate and cannot possibly display Roon in its full glory!

I wonder if a 30-inch monitor will be good 10-12 feet away. If I run the Roon app fullscreen on a 24-inch monitor (connected to a desktop), I cannot read things more than 3-4 feet away.

I appreciate your feedback!

Perhaps someone has experience with bigger screens…

I wish the Roon folks would simply address this issue and make a clear recommendation!

It is not the way Roon was designed to be used. It is very much a system designed to run on touch capable tablet screens and Roons’ ergonomics have been developed around that theme. I have used Android TV boxes into 55 and 32 inch screens and it works well enough on both. 24 is too small in my view for cross room viewing. The basic rule of thumb is that if you can watch TV comfortably you can display Roon at the same distance.

Thanks Jamie! I will consider a 32" monitor unless other responders advise against it.

I use Roon on a 52" plasma at about 8’, at 10-12’ I’m unable to read the smallest type. For about the cost of a 30" monitor, you can probably buy a 50+" 4k tv. Walmart has one for $398 It would be much more useful at the distances you want. You would need an HDMI out on your computer.

I don’t have room or wish to use a very large tv, so I will try an iPad.