Use Play Count in Filters

Please add a feature to use play counts in the filter. For instance, I would like to select songs that have been played less than 5 times.


You can almost do that: select 1000 most played albums, and then invert that filter. And if you want, you can sort by most played within that group.

That said, the number of plays is unreliable. When is an album considered played, if some tracks are played? And when is a track considered played, if you quit after ten seconds?

Also, an interesting quirk: in the Focus dialog, there is no filter that takes a value entered (only check boxes), except for bitrate of lossy files. As far as I can tell. @Danny?

Also, if you play a file, pause, then restart, the play count increases. If you get a lot of phone calls you could play a song many more times than you’ve actually listened to it!

Thanks guys. I just realized that all of this is irrelevant for the time being because my play counts from iTunes didn’t transfer. So, most of my tracks have zero plays at the moment.

I guess I have to join the feature request on that issue.