Use previous 'Device' Volume rather than reset to 100%

For example, on the hifiberry DAC, when it gets power cycled it goes back to 100%, which generally means you have to do something with it before you press play (or perhaps brace yourself!).

Would be really nice if the previous volume setting was restored, or failing that mimic one of the Devialet’s really nice features, and have a ‘safe start-up volume’ that can be set for each device in preferences.

For some devices (especially main hifi DACs or DAC/amps) I would personally like a ‘max volume’ setting so that its not possible to accidentally blow the house apart by sliding to max on the little Roon volume slider. Not that I have a RoonReady device yet but… you know… prepping for the future.

And since I’ve made a volume feature request, would love a redesigned volume control - possibly full screen overlay (on the iPhone at least) and rotary to allow more control.

The iOS hardware volume buttons have been mentioned elsewhere but I’ll stick them in here too as thats also a nice idea…

Saving/restoring volume is not our business–if we did it, it could interfere with drivers that support 2-way sync with external devices (there are a few of these).

Normally, this is handled by the OS. In a very few special situations, it might be handled by the DAC, but the HiFiBerry isn’t in that category.

ALSA has facilities for saving/restoring volume state–“alsactl save”, “alsactl restore”. I think the device is probably saving the value on clean shutdown, which is not the best choice for an appliance-like configuration where we expect the plug to be pulled.

On our OS images (still in progress…), we save volume periodically in the OS. I think the save interval is 10 seconds (IIRC, ALSA doesn’t write to the disk unless something changed, so this shouldn’t wear out the flash). The IQaudIO image does something similar.

BTW, I think your OS probably is saving the volume value–but only on clean shutdown, something that almost never happens to a Raspberry Pi…

I see. Thanks for the info Brian.

Hello Roon, @brian. Similar to the issue posted here a while back, I am encountering the following, have a corresponding question:

  • In the Roon App for Mac, I have set the max volume for a device “Connected to Core” at 50
  • That said, and as described by the previous user, when I reboot my Roon Server the volume for the connected device resets to 100 (which defeats the purpose of the max volume setting)
  • And consequently, when hitting play without checking the volume, “brace yourself!” as @hifi_swlon said

My question is this: can the volume reset to the max volume after rebooting the Roon Server?