Use Roon app on iPad air

There is a thread about iPad’s but it seems old and does not seem to match my problem.
I want to use my 11” iPad Air to access Roon. Just like I use my iPone 11 max pro.
The app on the iPad opens landscape and only shows part of the screen.
So I can’t select another zone or see the top part of the app.
And turning it to portrait does not work as mentioned in many comments.
Any thoughts how I can use my iPad too?

Exactly what model air is an 11”? How old is it?

There is a new iPad Air 10.5” that you might be referring to. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling roon?

You’re right, it’s a 10.5.
And your suggestion did solve the issue. I tried before but now removed the app, rebooted the iPad and reinstalled the app.
Now it’s still landscape, but shows it all.

You need a 12.9 model to get portrait mode

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