Use Roon only as TIDAL front end / headphone DSP Mac?

(Tariq Khokhar) #1

Hi, I have a Roon Core at home and play both a library and TIDAL to various endpoints. I especially like having the headphone DSP crossfeed available for headphone listening.

At my office, I have a dac/amp/headphones and would also like also like to listen to TIDAL via Roon’s headphone DSP, but I don’t need access to my home library / Roon Core so can’t get any version of Roon running on the Mac without apparently setting up a new core / getting another license?

Any advice how to proceed? I’d just like to use Roon’s headphone DSP to listen to TIDAL in my office.

(Dylan Caudill) #3

HI @Tariq_Khokhar,

A Roon Core is required to run Roon, including just TIDAL content. As mentioned in our KB, you can move your license between Cores at will, so you could use one license and have a Core both at home and at the office.