Use Roon to Correct File Metadata

I understand all the safeguards to not have this happen, but is it possible, assuming a user wants to, to overwrite the metadata in my files with Roon’s?

was possible in former days, not anymore available (caused too many problems when people selected that without knowing what the did and where afterwards upset because their files and file structure was “messed up”, at least to their perception)

today you can export your library and the exported files will have Roon metadata

Actually @fschmeis, they will only have some metadata from Roon. When I asked why not all, I was met with silence.

there is meta data within Roon which cannot be stored as MP3 tag as part of a file, e.g.: sub genre and sub-sub genre

And then there are others, such as production credits, which can be tagged

Thanks… I saw the KB article re: exporting. So that’s the only way at this time, right?

To make sure I understand, exporting will create a second copy of the song(s) but with Roon’s available metadata (so no sub genre for example)?

Another follow up question, when exporting to spreadsheet, is it possible to add in additional information, for example, genre (bad example due to sensitivity around genre) or file type like FLAC, mp3, aac, …?

The link in the export kb article to select the content to export to spreadsheet leads nowhere so I’m asking here. Non-working link is

That page is here:

exactly, that is how it works

Thanks… info on that page doesn’t address the question unfortunately. Doesn’t look like it’s possible in my playing around w/ Roon, but hope there is a way to export my library with additional metadata to a spreadsheet.

Just want to follow up and see if there’s any way, when outputting to a spreadsheet, to include additional metadata information from Roon like genre, file type, …?