Use the advances made in search to help the album identification

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I think I’m seeing material improvements in search, and I appreciate this must be a lot of work. So, thanks to the roonies making this happen (I’m from Pittsburgh and we like to say Roonies here).

Is there an opportunity to use the advances made in search to help the album identification function? This is an area where results are frequently not great, and some of the engineered behavior doesn’t quite seem right.

For example, if I am trying to identify a release, and leave the artist name field complete, but delete the value in the title field, I would expect to see a list of the artist releases in the lower panel and be able to navigate through there and pick a match if located. Instead there are zero results in this scenario, and vice versa is true also. An input of only release title, but no artist name also returns no results. That doesn’t seem intuitive. The matching algorithm in identify in general, not just in those two use cases delivers results sometimes where it’s hard to even understand why some of the results are returned.

We’re making great strides in search… any way to leverage that for identify?


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