Used NUC with ROCK - wipe or use existing install?

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I now have that secondhand NUC6i3 I mentioned. Not turned it on yet, but the seller tells me it already has ROCK installed. Should I wipe it and start again with a fresh ROCK install, or should I use the existing one?

Gut feel says starting afresh will take longer initially but should mean less problems going forward (if so how do I wipe it - ROCK newbie here)

Thanks, Phil

The easiest way is to go to the ROCK administration page using your web browser and click the Reinstall button.

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Thanks, that helps. One further question - would it be best to update the BIOS before I do this?

If yes I’ve gone through the instructions so think I know how to do it


I would start it up and run it. If it works I wouldn’t worry about updating the bios.

If you have issues you can start troubleshooting there.

Hi @Phil_Wright,

I would recommend just reinstalling the Operating System (as Geoff suggested) and resetting the Roon Database & Settings (which would remove and database information from the previous user if it’s still there). From there you can start fresh and install one of your existing Roon database backups and be good to go.

If you notice any issues just let us know!

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Thanks all. Fingers crossed :slight_smile:

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