Useful technique: selecting albums based on artist country

In the Artist browser, we can focus on the artist country. And once we have selected some artists in w country, we can Play them which is a track shuffle.

And artist attributes propagate through to the albums, to a certain extent: you can put a tag on an artist and see that tag in the albums.

But there isn’t a direct way to Focus on albums based on artist country.

So what I do is

  1. Focus on artist based on country and maybe other attributes, such as Genre.
  2. Select All and tag the artists, e.g. Italian Jazz.
  3. In the Album browser, filter by that tag.
  4. Define a bookmark, e.g. Italian Jazz.

This way, I can see these albums and select individual ones to play, not just shuffling the entire category. And I can sort or focus further.

So the artist tag is the vehicle for propagating artist attributes to albums. (I can of course do combinations, e.g. check all the Nordic countries and tag them Nordic Jazz.)

The only limitation is that it doesn’t auto-update: if I add an album for an artist who is already tagged, it will work, but if I get a new Italian Jazz artist I have to tag him; I periodically repeat steps 1 and 2.