User accounts android app

Okay so I’ve been using roon for a while and now my girlfriend is starting to use it as well. On the macOS version of roon it is possible to switch off shared playlist so she only see’s here own playlist and not mine. But on the android app version I can not find this switch. Does someone know were to find it? I’ve been searching the forum/faq but nobody seems to be interested in this function

Thanks in advance.


Hi @TomsRoon,

Android devices that are at least 8 inches run the full Roon interface. Deviuces smaller than 8 inches run an interface designed for smaller screens and phones.This interface does not include of the same editing options as the larger remote devices, so in order to change the playlist settings this will need to be done from a different device.

Thanks for you’re fast reply. But I only have 2 andriod phones; so what you’re saying is that it won’t be possible to switch of the function of shared playlists

Hi @TomsRoon,

For editing, it will need to be done from a tablet, Windows, or Mac device.