User Addition of Roles

User should be able to add roles as they see fit. It’s great that existing roles are displayed so that we don’t get endless variations of them but there are always going to be unusual roles that are not going to be in the list. For example: Pat Metheny (guitarist) plays an unusual one-of-a-kind guitar called the Pikasso Guitar. I try to enter that he plays this instrument in a particular track and (guess what?) that’s not there as a role; not unusual considering that he is going to be the only guy who plays it. But…I should be able to add a role that is not there. The closest I could come was “Harp Guitar” which is pretty close. However, the point is that we all have some tracks that have unusual roles and instruments and we should be able to use them in our track descriptions. I couldn’t care less if they are entered into the master roles list…just let me enter them.

Thanks for your consideration.

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I agree, +1