User composer from tags on unidentified album

I’ve been having some success with getting the tags right for my unidentified albums, but I’m not able to get the composer to show in the track list.

I have set the COMPOSER tag and the composer shows up when I “Go To Composition”, but it’s not showing up in the track list.

Also, is there any way to tag the year of the composition?

Here is the output from eyeD3 on one file:

Time: 03:28     MPEG1, Layer III        [ 320 kb/s @ 44100 Hz - Stereo ]
ID3 v2.4:
title: Euphonium Concerto in B-Flat Major: I. Allegro
artist: Capella Istropolitana
album: Euphonium Music: ROGGEN, D. / MOZART, W.A. / WEBER, C. / TCHAIKOVKSY, P. / BALISSAT, J. (Roland Froscher)
album artist: None
release date: 2008
eyed3.id3:WARNING: Non standard genre name: Classical Music
track: 1                genre: Classical Music (id None)
disc: 1
Publisher/label: Naxos
UserTextFrame: [Description: CATALOGNUMBER]
UserTextFrame: [Description: COMPOSER]
Dominique Roggen
UserTextFrame: [Description: LABEL]
UserTextFrame: [Description: WORK]
Euphonium Concerto in B-Flat Major
UserTextFrame: [Description: PART]
I. Allegro
UserTextFrame: [Description: ORIGINALRELEASEDATE]
UserTextFrame: [Description: UPC]
UserTextFrame: [Description: SOLOIST]
Roland Froscher
UserTextFrame: [Description: PERSONNEL]
Roland Froscher - Euphonium
UserTextFrame: [Description: ENSEMBLE]
Capella Istropolitana
UserTextFrame: [Description: GENRE]
Classical Music
FRONT_COVER Image: [Size: 771489 bytes] [Type: image/jpeg]


I worked out how to get the composer to show. Under General, set Show composer credits to Always. My question about composition date still stands (would be good to be able to set the period in there too).

Just edit the composition. From a track in the album view, 3-dot menu and select “Go To Composition” then 3-dot menu and select “Edit”.

Thanks @Ludwig. Is there any way to do this via file tags?

Not at present.

Is this still the case? If I have an unidentified album in my collection that has four performers on it that are also in other identified albums (and as a result artists) in Roon is there a way to force them to be recognized using tags?

If you spell them the same they will usually anyway be bundled with the existing performers from identified albums.

Failing that you can merge performers.

If this info doesn’t help, can you upload some screen shots to indicate what exactly your problem is?