User Contributed (Wiki Style) - Extended Details of Album + Artwork

Hello, I LOVE the idea of Roon giving a “visual” presentation of albums similar to LP’s/CD’s.

Would it be possible to allow users to contribution to album artworks, descriptions, etc?

For example, Roon gives this for Carlos Santana - Abraxas

Meanwhile I have access TO ALL OF THIS in my local files (I have more pictures but I’m limited to 5 uploads)

I would love to have people contribute album info, song info, interviews related to album. It would enrich the experience of using this software immensely.

Nothing gives me greater joy than listening to music and looking at album info/artwork.

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Can’t you just add a folder to the Album folder “artwork” add all those images as JPEG , Roon should read them

Where do you get a limit of 5 ? I am sure I have albums with many more



I meant posting my request on the forum I could only upload 5 images. In the software itself I’d like artwork, and data to be shared between users so if a user has only the album, they could access external media information such as album artwork, CD covers, etc