User created tags/files not behaving

Hi folks,

I have a feeling this is something I inadvertently created and hope that you can give me suggestions to fix it. General layout: Macbook Air running Mojave and Roon. Music files on Macbook (I’m trying to get rid of them) and entire(?) main music library on external HDD. All songs/albums on Macbook appear to be on external HDD. I use iTunes to rip CDs to external drive (error correcting, aiff). Roon uses external drive for music source (Preferences-storage).

I created a tag called “Modern Classical music” for ambient like music. If I search for “Modern Classical music” I get 9 albums. Seems fine. If I quit Roon, put the music folder from the Macbook (user-music-itunes-music-media folder) in the trash and restart Roon and do a search for “Modern Classical music” I get 2 hits. If I put the music folder back, and do the search, I again get 9 hits.

Do I need to copy some iTunes file/files from the Macbook to the external drive to move the tags over? I created the tag in Roon, I figured it would save the file location as the external HDD.

I’d like to get my entire music library on one drive, not split up. Any ideas? With only 9 hits to deal with, I make sure the music is properly located on the external drive, delete the macbook music and and could redo the tagging, but I’d like to better understand how/what I did or is going on.

Thanks in advance,