User forum stats

Are Users 806 in the last 30 days users that have posted and active users those that have looked ?

Site Statistics

All Time Last 7 Last 30
Topics 30.1k 208 959
Posts 430k 3.2k 15.6k
Users 22.7k 172 806
Active Users 3.3k 5.8k
Likes 163k 1.4k 6.7k

Users 806 are new signups.

I think Active Users is now called Daily Engaged Users, meaning distinct IP addresses that have either liked or posted. Pageviews are between 40k and 50k per day.

What version of Discourse are you running ? I’m on 2.3.0 beta3 +83 and see a different stats screen as below. It might be a super secret Mod stats screen in which case I reserve the right to remove it and pretend this never happened:

Thanks very much, I was interested in the percentage of engaged users Vs the base.