User Icons / Avatars Missing In Forum

Is actually OK on my iPad whilst being Broken in Win10.

Still broken for me on Win 10 Edge, IE11 and Chrome on Android phone. Different icons are missing on different platforms though.

May or may not be related but I just received a Server 500 error just now when doing a search. Plus several errors trying to post this.

Broken for me on W10, with Chrome.

Working on Android with Chrome, but not @ncpl 's avatar. Very odd.

502 bad gateway errors this morning plus this at first attempt to login:

This has happened before, maybe @danny can repeat the corrective action.

We’re looking into this guys – thanks for letting us know.


Do you see light at the end of the tunnel?

My forum Avatar/pic was removed. Was it just me or did anyone else experience this? I had to upload and set it again… strange.

Yes, happened to my account a couple of times recently so I’ll just stick with the generic one I’m given.

My avatar vanished a couple of days prior to the 1.6 upgrade. I reinstalled it after the upgrade.

@rrwwss52 I get tickled every time I look at your dog, so cute.

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Thanks, that’s Daisy. She’s like a Meerkat…

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The Great Avatar Disaster of 2019 or, nature’s way of telling us all to get new avatars.

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It’s a dog? I just thought Robert was a small yetti.
Snails don’t have very good eyesight.

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I think the avatar rot is back again - avatar icons are missing again from some community members this morning…

You may be right. I had a solitary 500 error the other day too. Time to stop using the Community completely until Roon fix it… :slight_smile:

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Definitely deteriorating today: with the usual exception of @Sloop_John_B whose avatar is indestructible…

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I had same thing happened to me around Feb 13th or so …

It happened with what I thought was Qobuz going from beta to public and some far more serious problems that were solved with @noris and @dylan’s help and with me going back to and restoring Roon to prior to/on Feb 13th.

BUT I kept calling my symbol an ‘icon’ nice to find out it’s call an avatar-thanks.