User Icons / Avatars Missing In Forum

Yes, happened to my account a couple of times recently so I’ll just stick with the generic one I’m given.

My avatar vanished a couple of days prior to the 1.6 upgrade. I reinstalled it after the upgrade.

@rrwwss52 I get tickled every time I look at your dog, so cute.

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Thanks, that’s Daisy. She’s like a Meerkat…

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The Great Avatar Disaster of 2019 or, nature’s way of telling us all to get new avatars.

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It’s a dog? I just thought Robert was a small yetti.
Snails don’t have very good eyesight.

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I think the avatar rot is back again - avatar icons are missing again from some community members this morning…

You may be right. I had a solitary 500 error the other day too. Time to stop using the Community completely until Roon fix it… :slight_smile:

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Definitely deteriorating today: with the usual exception of @Sloop_John_B whose avatar is indestructible…

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I had same thing happened to me around Feb 13th or so …

It happened with what I thought was Qobuz going from beta to public and some far more serious problems that were solved with @noris and @dylan’s help and with me going back to and restoring Roon to prior to/on Feb 13th.

BUT I kept calling my symbol an ‘icon’ nice to find out it’s call an avatar-thanks.