User manual 1.3

Is the user guide updated accordingly after 1.3 release. I am blissfully overwhelmed with the new changes

Yeah, we did a ton of work on documentation for 1.3. It’s mostly been integrated into the user guide, but we also collected the new stuff here.

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BTW where’s the user manual?

Click Support in the main Roon menu, and you’ll see the link to the User Guide…

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Thanks @Geoff_Coupe

It all looks great but I can’t find any manual nor KB for External Volume Control and Source Control.
Can that be found somewhere?

In Settings -> Audio -> Any Roon Bridge (or Mac/pC Controller with output) -> General tab:

Ah, that’s Roon API stuff. Documentation is on github.


btw, API is in BETA – it’s why that stuff isn’t documented yet.

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Thanks guys!