User Manual would be a nice thing to add in

The feature I would like to see would be a real user manual. This software has a lot of stuff built in and it is sometimes hard to find the answer on how to use all the features.

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There is work going on in that regard. From what I have seen, I think we’re all going to like it.

Our original hope is that this community site (especially the FAQ section, which is mostly populated with “official” information by Roon Staff) would turn into that, but the software behind community just isn’t quite powerful enough to be a decent manual, so we needed to find something else.

Work is well under-way on a knowledge base site–this will be more like a traditional manual, with top-level hierarchical navigation and pages on different topics.

We have the site deployed on an internal server, and have been pumping content into it over the past few weeks. We will make an announcement once it’s in reasonable shape.

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