User Privacy Question


I don’t know if these questions have been asked or not.

  1. Does Roon application send/store any user/library related info to the Roon servers. If so, what exactly is being sent/stored?
  2. Does Roon send/store any info about the user’s usage of Roon and/or about user’s listening habits/preferences?


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If you use the profile (user/settings) then playback stats are scobbled to

Team Roon will confirm the rest I am sure.

  1. We pretty much send your entire library’s info to our servers. That’s how we send you metadata updates. We don’t store it, although we have discussed saving your edits attached to your account (profile-agnostic) so you don’t lose them.
  2. The app stores everything you play (think about the play history feature), and although we don’t send that to our servers now, we have also discussed saving that information attached to your profile so you don’t lose the plays, and so it can stay sync’ed between devices.