User Profiles and Presets | How can we get a more tailored solution & security?

How do we achieve a more tailored experience with Roon?

I have done a lot of photography over the years and when using my high end cameras I set up Profiles for different shooting applications/types i.e Sports has a whole lot of settings saved as a Preset and Landscapes has another lot of very specific settings saved as another Preset. As I supply cameras to other photographers working for me on specific jobs they have there own Profile & there own Presets.

So if applying the same to Roon we would have the possibilities of very specific profiles/presets for different Genre’s or situational uses like General Listening vs Parties vs Daily Living vs Office Work vs Serious anything and different users in the house etc…

This would greatly benefit individual users as well as multi-users setups.

So you have a User Profile and you usually have Presets. The Presets set up are for the specific operating environment and the User Profile has the access rights control & zone control added say in Roon case.

You could customise to whatever degree you wanted and just swap Presets.
The Users could have limitations added to them by administrator to safeguard system setup, metadata, music etc…

If you could not only have the Preset & Profile backup but being able to be save them separately then these Presets could be shared with the community via Roon app to Roon servers.

Rather than have Roon any larger or with unwanted Presets with new updates to Roon, you could just downloaded from Roon Servers via your Roon app the Presets you wanted.

There could be a forum topic where you read what people have done & tested. A best Preset of the year could be awarded etc…

Presets Parameter List Example
-Dynamic Crossfade on tracks when manually advancing to next track or in playlist but not on playing complete album
-Auto duration Dynamic Crossfade or Manual time setting on Crossfade
-No crossfade of Classical or Jazz
-Volume fade in & out on for manually advancing set genres
-Default Radio Function on or off

User Parameter List Example
-Full unrestricted use of all functions (Admin)
-Login required (or not)
-Zone access
-Times of use
-Volume max control
-No access, Read, Read Write access (For Editing functions)
-Only admin can delete(Or should this be just set up on NAS?)
-User can only edit music & data they add (Or should this be just set up on NAS?)
-Block explicit or not
-User Age (Not mandatory in Guest or Party profile)

I believe this type of improvement to Roon would solve many Security, Unwanted deletion, Unwanted Use, Customised settings for different environments or situational uses etc…

With other topics I have read on the Roon Forum this may be a way forward if you the users & the developers see merit in this.