User Specified Max Volume Limit [done for 1.4]

At some point in the future, this would be quite a nice feature for certain situations.

As an example, in the bedroom I would like a conservative max volume set to avoid ‘accidents’ by moving the slider too far. Yes, I can set at the device as well, but…

I can see this also being a useful feature on Roon Ready devices with hardware volume control. I know my Devialet is not likely to be Roon Ready, but if it were (or for any similar devices) I wouldn’t ever want the ability to slide the volume easily to ‘max’, since I never go anywhere near that. Important for other users/guests especially.

As an aside, I’ve only just started using Roon’s volume control (DSP for bedroom zone) and I find it much harder to use smoothly and precisely compared to my only other real reference point of the Devialet App - especially on a phone. The circular nature of the Devialet volume makes it more unlikely that you’re going to go too loud as your finger gets a lot more travel. The tiny ‘straight line’ volume control for Roon is very easy to slip to a high volume IMO.

This request can be closed, no? @andybob

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Yup. Volume control limits released in 1.4.