User Supplied Meta Data

So far I’m very happy with 1.3. It is an exciting upgrade and I’ve had zero problems with it. However one thing I was hoping for didn’t make the feature list. That is user supplied notes. At a minimum having this at the album level is highly desirable, however, I’m sure there are users out there who could find tremendous benefit at the track level too.

I have a large collection of Live concerts that not surprisingly Roon is not finding any Album notes which I never anticipated that Roon would. However I do have lots of album notes and concert reviews that would be great to be able to call up and read while listening. Also in some large box sets (e.g. Grateful Dead 30 Trips Around the Sun) came with detailed information on each show in the set which Roon does not have available to it. Note in the Dead Box Set this information in provided in a booklet (which I have the PDF to). Being able to add this data to each album as a User Note is not only extremely valuable but sadly lost by not having this information in my music library.

I really hope that something could be done in this space for Roon 1.4.

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It’s there in 1.3. Stick the user notes into the folder with the music. Click on the artwork and additional notes will be scanned for and you can scroll through them in order.


dpstip - I tried your suggestion. I created a PDF, stuffed it into the folder where the album resides, right alongside the FLAC file tracks, gave it several hours, even restarted roon core and clicked on the album art. I only get a blown up version of the album art.

Is there something written up in Knowledge Base (I looked and didn’t see but does not mean it isn’t there) about this? Is there a special format I must use (e.g. TXT, HTML, etc)?

Got it!

Went back re-read the Knowledge Base and found the article on Galleries and read it. Thanks for educating me.

Roon thank you for listening and giving us this powerful feature.

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