User with new Roon Ready AudioControl XR6S receiver

Hello! Helping my brother with integrating his Roon system with a new Roon Ready receiver. AudioControl XR6S. Right now, he has a Lenovo laptop with an attached hard drive, feeding his old receiver with an HDMI connection. He has a separate laptop as remote the way he describes it. What impact does the new receiver and its Roon readiness Have on this system system? Can he get away from the HDMI connection or should he just leave it the same?



Roon Ready means that when you have both the RoonServer and the device plugged into the same network, preferably by ethernet, the device should be auto recognized in the Settings/Audio section in Roon. At that point, it is just a matter of Enabling the device, giving it a name, and then selecting it as the output for the audio.

One caveat though is: will multichannel audio will work over the network?

I don’t know, but, certainly something that should be looked into by asking AudioControl tech, if that is part of the use case.