Using 2x Chromecasts to set up a properly wireless system

I have used Chromecast Audio pucks off and on for the past few years and I now have 4 of the things, with none being in use lately.

This morning I had a thought… If I could set up 2 chromecasts in a Group in the Home App then rig up one of my identical Adam A5X’s to one of them (left channel) and the other to the 2nd puck (right channel), perhaps I could rig up a truly wireless system with no wires between each speaker. (I have an odd kitchen which lends itself well to splitting speakers but little way of wiring easily between them).

Hey presto!! Within half an hour I’ve rigged up the system and am listening to glorious stereo in the kitchen, Chromecasts and connectors taped out of view behind each speaker. Using the delay feature in Home App, I can compensate for any millisecond differences between the 2 sides (not needed so far).

Roon sees the group, no problem, too.

Now I just need to get a 2nd Chord Mojo so I can have both Chromecasts to feed into a good DAC via optin to optimise SQ :slight_smile:

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