Using 3 Mytek DACs for multichannel

I have been running 3 Mytek Brooklyns via a USB hub which MacOS can aggregate into a “virtual” 6 channel DAC. JRMC sees each individual DAC as well as the aggregate device which permits 5.1 playback. Roon sees only the three individual DACs.

Update: It does “see” the Aggregate Device" of the three DACs but it will not permit choosing anything but 2.0. Still, it does not play anything but displays “Transport: Device In Use.”

If I choose any of the three individual DACs, the stereo output goes to (1) front L/R, (2) center/sub or (3) rear L/R speakers, depending on the choice…

How can I get all three at the same time?

@support tagging support here for you but this might ultimately belong under feature requests as doing multichannel over 3 DAC’s IMHO is far away from the general punter setup.

Perhaps but support for an aggregate device of core audio is not so strange.

Hey @mitr – just to let you know, we’re aware of Mytek’s capability here but it’s not we’ve tested or tried since we only have one Brooklyn in house.

We can take a look at this, hopefully we can figure something out without needing two more Brooklyns :innocent:

Technically, one could do this with any 3 DACs since the critical issue is recognizing the aggregate device as consisting of 3 physical USB devices. The only thing that the Myteks bring to the dance is their ability to synch their WCLKs. You could test this with 3 DragonFly DACs or, even, a mixed trio.

OK. Here we go again. @Mytek_Official I am working now with a WinPC.

I can play each of the 3 Myteks individually to the appropriate amp/speaker channels. Then I added procedural filter to each so that the stereo L/R output is the Front L/R for Mytek1, Center/Surround for Mytek2 and Rear L/R for Mytek3. Each was then given a different Master Clock priority according to how I named them.

However, when I link the three into one zone and play them together, I get the message:

How can I play them together as a single zone?

I have different dacs and even the aggregated device isn’t seen. My guess is Roon staff don’t give a ■■■■ about this issue. :frowning: