Using 3 SOtM sMS NEO endpoints Qobuz Studio streaming service dropouts, skips, aborts

Since I’ve been using Roon which is when I joined this community back 3/19 so not “years”. Most of my endpoints are Raspberry Pi’s running bridge. Some with hats. Some not.

This helps point to an endpoint issue and not a network issue. It should be noted that in a group if 1 device has an issue then Roon almost always stops playback to all devices since it can no longer sync them. So one bad ethernet cable can stop groups from working.

This has nothing to do with speed, reliability, etc. CAT specifications, when properly terminated only deal with the bandwidth on the wire.

Not more bandwidth but that’s only half of the story. All video codecs are adaptive and lossy. Bit perfect audio is not adaptive. If you lose a bit then you get noise. There is no way around it. Lose many bits and you pops, crackles, screeches and many other undesirables. This is why Roon will abruptly stop playback if it detects an under-run; that is detecting that the DAC is not playing back in real time with the stream of bit perfect bits. This can be because of packet loss, the network not keeping up with the stream, the responses (ACKs) to the streamed packets or a number of reasons. This is why you can have plenty of raw bandwidth but it still doesn’t work for audio. And, no, generally going to 10 gig will not solve this issue unless there was something wrong that got fixed simply by swapping out the switch.

What switches? Do you stats on packets per second, buffer / queue depth or misses, latency? Again, it’s less about bandwidth and actually delivering packets on time and without loss.

Sonos, as well as being significantly less bandwidth, creates its own adaptive mess network. This allows it dynamically deal with network degradation. It’s a very resilient and robust system. RAAT does none of this.

I don’t understand this question. I believe your SOtM supports the following compatible protocols with Roon. RAAT, Airplay, and LMS (although, maybe not on your version). You could try Airplay. It does work differently than RAAT but you’d be limited to 16/44.1(or 48).

I’ve grouped… 4 or 5… all RAAT no issues. I don’t do it very often though.

SOtM does not support Sonos. Only Sonos supports Sonos but you can try Airplay. You’d have to enable Airplay on the SOtM and then enable the Airplay endpoint in Settings → Audio

It’s not just that but I would assume each vendor is able to tweak the Roon Bridge slightly to account for how much buffer and jitter they can deal with. The Raspberry Pi, being that it is using Bridge directly from Roon, would be the most generic or reference implementation. But I don’t work at Roon so I’m guessing here.


Test 2
Surprising, yeah… I’m starting to think that your experience supports that this is a SoTM problem. Although, I have no idea what the SOtM could be doing with more than 1 on network to destroy the other.

new questions:

  1. Can you downgrade the SOtM to the previous firmware?
  2. Have you tried pairs of 2? As I mentioned before, Roon will generally stop playback if 1 device has an issue. Meaning, if you have 3 then your pair combinations are
    1 & 2
    1 & 3
    2 & 3
    (I hope I did that right)
    This would eliminate 1 of the devices being the issue (instead of any of them).
  3. Can you stream different tracks to each device? That is, using each independently and not in a group? If this works then you almost 100% have a SOtM issue as there really should not be an issue with streaming separately or in a group other than Roon needs to keep the 3 in sync which can fail if one of the devices isn’t keeping up.

Good luck but… yeah… based on this and your other issue… Sounds like SOtM has an issue with multiple of their devices on the same network. I hope they fix it faster than the last issue you had.

BTW, as far as suggestions… I really like the Allo products paired with RoPieee. I would also look into the Sonore products which I rarely ever see anyone complain about.

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I just realized, the previous version (0.4.x) of their firmware is still available for download from their instruction page for re-installing firmware on a MicroSD. Worth a shot, to see if grouping works that way.

It’s a fed holiday here in the US so I was running around the house doing “house stuff” and decided to whole house stream. Four (4) endpoints, some with DSP, 3 of 4 Raspberry Pi with various distros and HATs and one endpoint a Roon Ready powered Speaker. 2 of 4 were wired with 2 via wifi. DSP up / down sampling on a few with one native resolution. Roon Radio so all streaming.

No issues. No hiccups. No pauses. No stops. Over 8 hours non-stop uninterrupted.

I don’t think your issue is caused by Roon.


Thanks for the information. My SOtM endpoints still drop, skip, stop and disappear in roon.

I can see that three DCS network bridge endpoints would cost me close to $20,000 total. It appears that even people that are not grouping or zoning still have issues standalone with SOtM.

My grouping or zoning only make issues worse. And most of the helpful suggestions that the community provided work well for standalone but the minute the endpoints are grouped, the suggestions are useless.

Thx g

Since I had 4 Sonos endpoints running without issues for 3 years in roon and 17 years prior, I never ever thought that my issues were caused by roon OR my LAN or peripherals, especially when HiRes worked without issues for more than one year. The latter was an often overlooked point on this thread, i. e. HiRes worked for one year.

What changed? SOtM mandated updates.

Qobuz asked me to open a support thread with roon.

The root cause of the issues after a lot of vetting by you, the community, and me looks like SOtM. Users appear to have issues with SOtM standalone, never mind grouping.

Jestin at Allo suggested trying one USBridge endpoint first, then incrementing. I will have a similar discussion with Sonore. Thanks for the input. Hopefully I don’t have more dollars than sense.

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Hey @racingdriver,

I’m sorry that we didn’t see this last post of yours until today… :see_no_evil:

I was wondering if you have any updates to share with us? Can we do anything to help? :nerd_face:


Thanks for reaching out. I had another roon subscriber and audiophile over, who also had SOtM endpoints. He sold his. While here, he noticed the not often but occasional drops, etc. regardless of content, i.e. 44.1 x 16bit had issues.

SOtM has firmware/software issues, especially when grouping more than 2 or 3 of their endpoints (identical, same model, firmware, etc.). Users that own SOtM endpoints without issues are usually standalone and not grouping 2, 3, or 4 SOtMs. The multiple endpoints are the issue.

In stark contrast I’ve used four (4) Sonos Connects in the same wired LAN without issues for 17 years. The Sonos Connects are running 44.1 x 16bit and never, I mean never had latency or drops for almost decades. Sonos uses Spanning Tree Protocol (STP). That might have some impact, but I suspect that issue is very poorly written SOtM code.

I am suffering through it waiting for technology to mature and catch-up, then eventually will remove the SOtM ($2100) and just toss them in the dustbin for the scrape metal heap. I would not want any users to risk the pain. The effort is not worth it, “Is the juice worth the squeeze?” No.

Many roon users have had issues with SOtM and their updates failing, etc. They simply dump the SOtM endpoints in favor of a competitor. My problem is that I have 4 endpoints. So, the expense is 4 times a single system. And it is not so much the money that is the issue. It is a supreme waste of my time. I’ve logged over 60 unsuccessful hours this year troubleshooting. Oh, and SOtM support is awful, just plain awful.

Thanks again.


Get @racingdriver,

I appreciate you taking a moment to write such a thorough reply describing the situation. It is regrettable, bordering on tragic… :pensive:

I am dismayed you’re finding yourself in this situation. I checked with our team too and, unfortunately, there isn’t something we can do on our end to improve the situation. I certainly wish there was.

I wish I had a good piece of advice to share… the positive I can say is that its admirable how much effort you’ve put into this and the lengths you went to, to get this resolved. It says a lot about your character. It is a joy to have you on our community.

If you can think of anything we can do to make things even slightly better, please, let us know :nerd