Using a mac as a roon controller with a nucleus as the core

I’m running a nucleus plus as my core and my ipad mini is getting old. I thought I would just use a mac lap top I have but it won’t let me even load it as it thinks I am trying to start a second core. Any solutions?

Download just the client not the whole roon package.

AFAIK there’s no ‘client’ Roon application, but there are ‘server’ without GUI, ‘bridge’ as streaming endpoint only, and ‘Roon’, which can either be used as all-in-one or as a remote to connect to an existing core.

That said, @Elton_Crim should be able to choose the Nucleus as the core and then continue using the Roon application as the remote…not being a MAC user myself, it may be necessary to check out Roon’s knowledgebase about installing on MacOS to be able to take care of possible complications.

Hope that helps and you get it sorted!

There is only ‘Roon.dmg’ for mac with no separate client file I recall. It should ask at first run whether you want to configure it as Core or Client. Try uninstalling and installing again from a fresh download.

You might need to remove the roon related folders in your ~/Library location

On start up is looks for active cores, your Mac and nucleus should both be listed, you’d choose the nucleus. This only happens once, otherwise you can change the selected core in settings.

Good point, did think about this earlier sounds like a network discovery issue.