Using a McIntosh MHA100 off my computer -- no Roon

I have been using this setup for a while with an older operating system – no I have Win10 (64bit) and I have sound from the computer but, I can’t get Roon to find this system. I have updated the drivers from the MHA and again the sound from the computer is fine.

Not sure what to try next

So, you have the MHA100 connected to the computer via an USB cable, right? And now you have changed the computer and it doesn’t see the MHA?
You are running Windows so that means you will need drivers, have they been installed?
Can you get sound ouy of the computer with other software besides Roon?
And, regarding your Roon implementation, is the computer your full Roon install? Server, control and output in one box so to speak.

Lot’s of questions! :wink:

The MHA100 is connected via USB cable – I have full use of the MHA100 and good sound from the computer – the computer doesn’t have any issues with the amp. I’m running windows 10 – Roon worked when I was running windows 7 but, I recently upgraded.

The main source for my Roon is a Mac mini. This is a secondary location. I can see all my music so, that is working.

Don’t know if there are more drivers I need for Windows…

Roon looks fine on this computer – but, I can’t find a path to the MHA100…

Thank you,

Thanks Andrew, i suspect some firewall issue here.
Can you tell what zone (public, corporate, private) your Windows machine reports? When installing a network enabled application Win usually ask you if you would like it to be available on private and public networks. Only the first is pre-selected and the machines are usually on a ”Public” network.
Heres a guide how-to;
Note! I cannot vouch for this link, it was just an example.