Using a monitor with ROCK

Maybe a daft question, but can you connect a monitor to a ROCK server, and if so what will you see? Just Roon, or the Linux OS with other possibilities?

just some stats about ip address / network status and version – nothing exciting

So you can’t browse Roon on it like you could on a Windows machine?

No, ROCK runs Roon Server which does not have a GUI.

Thanks guys. Keen to try it out but I’d be losing the ability to use my nice big monitor to browse roon, as well as the ability to use the machine for other things. Can ROCK be installed on a separate partition on the SSD, allowing me to select one or the other on boot?

No. You need to be prepared to give your machine over to Roon completely.

So how do you edit things in Roon?

On a remote… another computer or tablet/phone

How do you edit albums on the remote? Didn’t thin you could do that.

Sure you can

A 10 inch tablet with Roon on it will let you access everything in Roon a full screen will. I also have a laptop and a Windows powered console type device so plenty of options. Using a phone as a remote does limit your control options.

Thanks guys. Will look into this further. At this point I’m not sure if it’s worth the hassle and reduced functionality of moving my machine over from Win10 (with Fidelizer to optimise the system for playback) to ROCK.

I did exactly that and never looked back but my machine was always dedicated to music although not exclusively Roon. I have a laptop for other stuff.

If there was going to be a clear SQ improvement then I would do it and work around the limitations, though from reading around online that doesn’t seem to be a unanimous vedict.

There are a lot of different benefits than the obvious SQ benefit we obsess about in the hobby. The main one for me is that I am no longer looking after Windows. ROCK is virtually maintenance free.

Hmm…I will keep it on the agenda :slight_smile:

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