Using a USB charged Power bank

I’ve read that battery power is better than a wall wart. Would one of those powerbanks used to charge phones/ipods at festivals be any good. I have a few of them, one in particular looks like it might do the job an Engerizer. It ouputs 5v 2.1a.
If using it is it better to charge it and disconnect from the mains or allow it to keep charging while plugged into the pi?

As with so many things I suspect YMMV…my experience of using a reasonable powebank wasn’t especially positive -

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Main benefit is isolation from the mains. If you leave the battery charging during operation it will likely compromise this isolation.

The battery will have an integral 5V voltage regulator and this will likely be a switching regulator, with the potential for all the types of noise that these are known for. Whether this makes any difference will depend upon how well designed the equipment you connect it to is. Poorly designed equipment with poor rejection of power line noise may show the greatest benefit.

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My DAC is a Chord 2qute and my pre/power are Meridian.
I think i’ll buy my self a seperate power supply for the pii When I can afford it. I’ve just bought a Naim NAC 202 and need a PSU for that before I can add it to my system so the wall wart/powerbank will have to do for a while.
thanks for the info though

Food for thought. I have a Chord 2Qute and this is paired with an Allo DigiOne. The RPi is powered from my amps accessory output (linear PSU) and put through a LDO (DC linear voltage regulator) to achieve 5V.

There’s no discernible improvement over the stock switching supply, perhaps because both are well-engineered products designed to work with the shipped power supplies.