Using actual album art

Hello, fellow music lovers. I hope I’m putting this is the right section. I’m new to the Roon experience. So I’m loving the metadata and images but still missing something. Has anyone considered scanning and uploading original album covers and sleeves for vintage recordings? For instance, if you are listening to Diamond Girl by Seals & Crofts, you can actually chose four images: the front cover, the back cover, side one of the sleeve and side two? I would love to help take on such a project, going to record stores or friends with albums and scanning. But this may open a whole pandora’s box of copyright issues. Is that why no one has done this yet? I think that, ideally, those of us listening to music recorded before 1990 are really looking for that big album cover experience. Thoughts?

Or you could go to the internet archive ( and see that someone has already done that for you:

I’d like someone to programmatically scrape for all my albums and grab all the liner notes and such