Using for editing album data?

I do not know whether this is copy right related. However, just an idea that I think might be helpful for editing meta data. If the suggestion violates any copy right law, please delete this post.

At the moment, if for some reason, Roon cannot find the right album artwork, we can google and find the image on the internet, copy the URL address, then paste the address of the picture in the Edit Album tab.

For reasons I don’t understand as a consumer, sometimes Roon cannot identified an album, but we could find the exact album on Amazon. Amazon not only has the image of the album cover, but also the composer, track details, etc. I wonder if Roon can create a feature where a user, once identified an album on Amazon, simply copy the Amazon link URL address into Roon, and Roon and parse the web page, paste relevant information into all related data fields of that album into Roon?


Rest assured, an idea cannot violate copyright law, which protects specific works, not ideas. :slight_smile: