Using an iPad with no Core? [Answered]

Thought I would try Roon, heard it was good. Hmm…having real problems with it. Downloaded from Apple Store on my iPad. My device is the Lumin S1 player which has the latest firmware with Roon capability. So when I open Roon the device is not detected. Try putting in the IP no. for the Lumin…rejected. Try putting in the router IP no…nothing. Looked for help. Found something about making sure remote is allowed in settings. Where are the settings to be found…nothing found. Where is the Core? Nothing found. Try finding support, not very obvious how you post. Tried messaging some of the support team but my message wasn’t permitted. I just hope this message gets through because this is driving me mad.

@Robert_Yates You need to run a CORE for the remote to find - this can be on a MAC/PC/NUC/NAS - perhaps you need to look at the architecture details and what is required to run Roon

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