Using ARC in a Tesla

How do I set up Roon ARC to play through the Tesla audio system.

Not quite sure what you mean by set up Arc to play through the Tesla.
If you have already set Roon Arc up with your Roon Core all you would do is connect to the Tesla via Bluetooth or whatever wired option it has for your phone( no idea, never touched a Tesla).

Additionally, if you wish for a deepeer integration, don’t hesitate to add your vote to the following feature suggestion:


Unfortunately Teslas don’t support wired connections. Just connect your Apple or Android phone via bluetooth to the Tesla, make sure bluetooth is selected as the audio source.

I have purchased a Carlinkit adaptor to use carlink with my Tesla Model S. The good news is that it works, I can access the ARC interface and select playlists etc. It transmit music via Bluetooth but seems to be 256 kbps AAC which is good enough for a car with road noise. They only downside is no album art. When I just run ARC over Bluetooth album art goes with it but not via carlink. Not sure if this a defect of ARC on carlink or if it is specific to using the carlinkit.